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I’m planning to take my first part of the CPA exam FAR?

can someone please write in about their experience, without violating the confidentiality agreement. Do anyone know of free practice material.

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FAR was the third section I took. I already knew that I had passed REG & BEC, so I knew I had a good study technique. FAR was a monster…there was soooooo much info. I used Becker material – studied straight from the book and did passmaster homework. I ran myself ragged in the 7 weeks I spent studying for this beast. By the time I got to Gov’t & NFP chapters, I was flat worn out. I didn’t understand them very well b/c I had never studied them in college (even tho I have a masters degree in accounting). I did OK on Becker’s practice test, but did not feel like I would ever be ready to take the actual exam.

In actual exam, there were really no surprises in MCQ’s. I used all the time, did not take any breaks while taking exam. I got a LOT of gov’t & NFP questions, and felt like I guessed on over half of them! But still, I was pretty confident that I had a good chance of passing while going into the sims b/c I did very well on all of Becker’s practice sims except for one. The first sim was retardedly easy! I kept looking for the catch, but there was none..it was too easy….1st year accounting student stuff. I was feeling good! But then came the second sim – ah hah, THERE was the catch…pairing of a really easy sim with a REALLY hard one! The ONE sim that I had trouble with in Becker. I knew a messed it up on the actual exam. I freaked out – kept changing my answers. I finally submitted it with 20 seconds left on exam, then realized I made a BAD mistake on the last tab! UGH! I was sure I failed the exam b/c the gov’t/NFP and that sim! I was positive I would have to take the FAR exam again, but tried not to think about it too much while I studied for audit.

Early release of scores came & went…others who took FAR a week AFTER I did got their scores. My friends found out they passed and I was still waiting 🙁 While waiting, I heard stories of others who completely skipped a sim (b/c of time constraints) and still passed (one with a score in the 80’s!). So I thought maybe there was a small chance that I passed even after messing up that second sim….a SMALL chance. I finally got my FAR score the same day I got my AUD score (even tho I took AUD 3 weeks after FAR)…a 95!!! WTF?!?!? I didn’t believe it! I reacted like a girl who just won the miss america pageant!

you never can tell coming out of those exams! The 2 sections that I felt most horrible coming out of, ended up being the sections I scored the highest on. Go figure!

Good luck!


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DONT DO UOP!!! Does your college have a Masters software or a MBA prgram you’re able to do? bypass that path first and then take a seat to your examination. The graduate Audit classes will extra beneficial than possibly be resembling the undergrad audit classes. UOP is in basic terms too costly and a great mistake.