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I’m depressed. Stupid me. What’d you get on the ACT?

I got a 25 on my first try. I feel like the dumbest person alive. But I was pretty happy that I got an 11 out of 12 on the essay.

English – 27.

Math – 23.

Reading – 28.

Science – 21.

The mathematics and science sections are what seriously killed me. It’s my fault though. Towards the end of the math section, I gave up. For the entire last column on the answer sheet, I just bubbled in all C’s. Haha. And then for the science section, I barely read the passages and chose the answers that seemed ..semi-reasonable.

Of course I’m going to re-take it.

Maybe actually use the ACT test prep book I purchased a year ago.

I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not trying to get accepted into a prestigious college or anything. The local university is just fine for me.


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This is actually a very good score, well above what would be required to be accepted to a state college, and trust me, there are some very good state colleges (you didn’t say where you are from, so I can’t be specific). Look at some websites for some colleges that are around you and that you might be interested in. There should be info somewhere about a minimum ACT score – for some reason 21 seems to be the number that comes to my mind. However, this score will not get you any academic scholarships, which usually start around the 29 area.

You are correct about the math and science. If you plan to test again, concentrate on those areas. An improvement in math may be just a matter of gaining more knowledge, like waiting until you have finished trigonometry class. Science is a lot of reading, so you may need to just practice reading more technical/non-fictional passages to prepare. Also, you did the right thing by bubbling in C’s for the portion you did not finish. All the B’s are good, too. I used this as a strategy, and found it got me a few more correct answers; I was never able to finish the science portion. I would flip through that portion of the test to find the passages that were most interesting to me or that I was most familiar with and do those first.


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I got a 26 overall but I only got a 6 out of 12 on the essay. I also guessed on alot of the science section and I somehow got a 25.

English- 23

Math- 26

Reading- 28

Science- 25

You should consider taking the SAT instead. They are much easier and I got an 1850 on them.


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I got a 30, english 30, math 30, reading 28, science 33. It’s probably opposite for me, I need help in reading o.O

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Dr. Scruffy McCane
I surprised myself a bit.

I got a 35.

English: 34

Math: 34

Reading: 35

Science Reasoning: 36


A few days ago
First try, sophomore year:

36 composite

Math: 36

English: 36

Reading: 35

Science: 36

Writing: 34


A few days ago

I cannot remember the break down. I know Grammar and Reading were my weak categories.