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I am sooo nervous-taking the SAT in 3 days…?

I am going to be taking the SAT test in 3 days and I’m so nervous. It is kind of too late to study now…what should I do? (Im a senior and so this is my last chance.)

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1) Read over the directions for each of the test sections several times. Being familiar w/ them = a time saver.

2) Review test taking strategies:

– eliminating answers in multiple choice questions to 2 & increase your odds of getting the right answer to 50-50

– know when to skip a question

– get your SAT kit ready (sharp pencils, erasers, etc.)

– visit the test site before the test day so you know where you are going & aren’t worried about it

3) Calm yourself. Meditate. Put this test in perspective – it’s one test. You have your academic record, your recommendations, your extra curricular etc. that count on college applications too.

Take good care of yourself – get enough sleep every evening, eat balanced meals, take walks to let off steam, drink lots of water, etc.

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it’s based on all your years of schooling – you can’t study for it – stop freaking out