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high school pranks…?

i’m in starting my sophmore year soon. i don’t wanna set of a school prank until my senior year. but i want to start thinking up of a prank now. i can pull of a lot with the help of a few friends. i just need some ideas that i won’t get destory the school.

a prank to the whole school. not just teacher or juniors.

i need a lot of ideas.

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The best prank I ever did was with the top ROTC cadets, We T.P.ed the senior Army intstucters house, We did it right after a snow storm, the temp was perfect and it was about 3 in the morning. He did not find out until two days later. Just don’t set fire to it. The football players did that at homecoming and we lost homecoming because we were short good players (they were in jail).

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The high school in my town a couple of years ago bought 4 pigs. They numbered them 1, 2, 3 and 6. the four were found and for two days the officals were looking for nonexistant 4 and 5.

if you want some more ideas wastch mtv’s high school stories