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Essay structure and organizing?

I want to be able to write the most impressive essay for the ACT test I failed and taking a remedial beacause of. It would be extremely helpful if you could give me some easy ways to brainstorm for this test and good ways to develope my essays. I would say my most difficult problem for a timed test like this, is getting good strong topics to write about. I think im decent writer, with pretty decent grammer, its just my organization and getting good strong topics for my essays that is the problem. Anyone have any experience with essays and could give me a few pointers. Any ones imput will be appreciated.

Oh yea I have a problem with putiing my commas in the right spots to this always confused me. The mesi colons i would like to learn how to use too. Thanks!!

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Well, for me, i usually stick to argumentative essays because there is a easy-to-remember structure which i follow. An example essay questions would be “Beauty contest are harmful. Do you agree?”

First, i would make a simple statement like “In a modern society where superficially reigns, i feel that beauty contest do more harm than good.’ just a general statement to state that i support the stand.

Next, i would have to brainstorm for 3 ideas which support my stand and 1 idea to counter my stand. Write about them in order and it would be good to state example and figures. You can also quotes.(Eg:Beauty is only skin deep)

Ideas for this question are that beauty contest can hurt other women’s self esteem because they see such beautiful women on TV and want to be like them so they starve themselves etc…

Another one can be that most contest focus on the Western ideal of beauty.

To counter, you can say that however, beauty contest does help motive people to donate (quote Miss World competitions, the winners usually support good charitable causes)

End the essay off with a conclusion.

Weigh the pros and cons & then write down which stand you support.

Remember not to use fancy words if you are unable to spell or use them properly in a sentence. The marker would rather you write a simple essay as compared to one full of misused words.

Cheers & all the best for the essay!! πŸ˜€


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Anna Ruth
I think personal/opinion pieces are the easiest to write, since they are just dealing with your experiences and your thoughts, which you know perfectly well.

Once you get the prompt, try saying to yourself, “When people finish reading this essay, I want them to know that….” This will then serve as your essay’s thesis.

The development of your essay can explain the processes you went through before you came to believe what you believe today, and the conclusion can state the lessons you learned from the whole experience.

Wow, looks like I sort of ranted there. LOL. In any case, I hope this helped and I wish you the best of luck on the ACT! πŸ™‚


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Make 2 lists, one for you and one for the nature. record everyone’s attributes and detriments. What are everyone’s personality features, how do they act in public, in deepest, what are their pastimes. once you concentration on those topics you’ll have your evaluation. feels like it may be relaxing…if it weren’t homework. sturdy success!