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does anoyone have an idea for a new invention?

we have to come up for a new invention for school and i had this idea about wheelchairs having some kind of mechanical legs so they can walk up stairs and make life easier for handicapped people (not one of my best ideas…i know =P) but some other girl stole the idea from me when she heard me talking about it with my partner. now i need a new idea, any help i can get will be greatly appreciated thanx guys =P

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I’m thinking about an aid for blind people.

What if you replaced a person’s cane with a small flashlight device that acted as a proximity detector? It would produce a tone which changed in pitch as they got closer to an object,

(Example –

A chair in the middle of the room they might bump into).

If you really wanted to get fancy, you could mount it into their shoes. Sounds crazy, but the circuitry would be pretty simple and rather small, so it would only add an ounce or two to their footwear. The ‘Dick Tracy’ 2-way radio watch was considered by many people in the 1960’s as impossible.

Fast forward to the year 2007.

Today we have cellphones that aren’t much bigger than a watch, which can surf the web, tell us where we are (GPS enabled), built-in calendar/calculator, play our favorite songs, take pictures and all kinds of other functions.

Good luck in your studies,

~ Mitch ~

P.S. – Hopefully, no one has thought of this one before,

but I seriously doubt it.


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Think about things you use everyday. Like a closet that washes/dries and irons your clothes while hanging on hangers. Or a car that drives you to your destination when you simply put in the address you wish to go to.

The best ideas are the most practical.


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yes ill tell you and you can steal mine and make millions out of it ok.