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Do scholarships come from PSAT or the SAT?

My school is taking the PSAT today, and I didnt sign up for it. I know it was a stupid move.

I have took the PSAT 2 or 3 times already freshmen and sophomore year.

Just yesterday I found out that the junior PSAT is the one that gets you scholarships and determines what you do in life. And now I feel really bad because none of my teachers told me this and they never said anything about scholarships on the announcements.

And the last day to sign up for it was like 2 weeks ago.

Since im a junior I can still take the SAT twice, and the SAT once or twice my senior year.

Will I still be able to get scholarships and such?

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Not taking the PSAT disqualifies you for potentially getting ONE certain scholarship. Just one. There are tons of other scholarships that you can still get. As long as you take the SAT, do well/decent and have good grades, you can find other scholarships. Do not worry about the PSAT.

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Yes. Not taking the PSAT as a junior stopped you from getting a particular scholarship. You could check to see if your old scores could count, but it sounds like you did and they don’t.

There are many scholarships out there that aren’t tied directly to the PSAT. You would probably need to take the SAT or ACT so you can show your abilities to the panel awarding the scholarship. Most scholarships aren’t automatic like the National Merit Scholarship where you take a test and get money if you do well.

Most scholarships are simply offered by charities, individuals or through the colleges (often those are donated by former students), and you have to send in an application for the scholarship along with transcripts and SAT scores. If you think it sounds like a pain in the butt to have to apply twenty places in hopes of getting money, that’s good–it means that every qualified student won’t be applying, which raises your chances.

You can find out about scholarships in a variety of places. Search the internet of course–there are many small scholarships that aren’t advertised well. If you have picked out a college to attend, call and/or visit the financial aid office (it may be too soon for them to really help you since you haven’t been accepted, but they should be able to set your mind at ease that there is money out there for you). Also, most high schools have something set up to help with this–a career center, your guidance counselor, or something–figure out who at your school help students with this–they won’t find you scholarships (actually, they may find you one or two), but they’ll at least tell you where to look for them.

Then comes the hard part–putting together a good application. When that seems like too much trouble and totally not worth it, think of the application as an essay contest to win $5000 (rather than a boring application)– it is good for the motivation.


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SAT is a required attempt to get right into a 4 365 days college PSAT is a prepare SAT an well-known score of possibly 1300 out of 2400 you should exhibit screen or be nominated for them in basic terms ideal rankings get scholarships strong faculties many times 3.7 GPA or higher AP classes also make your acceptance cost higher

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hell no. i fell asleep during my psat. needless to say i didnt get a perfect score. scholarships care about your effort and your gpa. the SAT , not PSAT, will help you get into college. along w/ your gpa score and the money you’ve acquired from filling out scholorships applications every scholarship is diff some require x amount of community service and some reqire a certain gpa and a written essay.

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I think both depending on your score. I know for sure though that the PSAT comes with the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test ) so you can take it to qualify for a scholarship to college