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koki c

Do I need to attend a training facility to take the comptia A+ certification exam?

I know a great deal of computers out of my own research and experience. I have books on A+ and have done computer repairs for family and friends. I have two jobs (non-IT related) and I barely have time to attend a school or training facility. I would like to know if I can register for the exam without ever having attended an institution.

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No, you don’t. There is no prerequisite to have attended formal training in order to register for the exam. I lot of guys even take it while they are in high school. So, take a couple of practice tests and as soon as you feel comfortable with the material, go ahead and register.

Good luck!


5 years ago
Since you have extensive knowledge already, I would just self study for the A+ certification and then go sit for the exam. Actually with your 8+ years knowledge, you will only need to glance at the certification book to see if there is any knowledge missing and then shortly after that go sit for the exam. You will ace it! good luck, not that you need it 🙂