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Concrete,tangible and realistic reasons for making decision to attend a comminity college?

I would please like to know or have about 5 CONCRETE,REALISTIC AND TANGIBLE REASONS one would choose or prefer to start schooling at a community college,and how persuasive can this reasopns be to another friend who want to have different raeson she/she should attend a community college?

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Money–its a lot cheaper, easier on Mom & Dad if they are paying or you if you are working your way through.

Easier–they do not have to flunk out students to lower numbers to operate within chartered limits, competition is not as intense.

It is a good way to find out if the intended study program suits the student, maybe he(she) is not really happy or capable of studying at the college level.

Diversity–many fields of study may be investigated.

These colleges are a convenient way to get credits needed to matriculate at state colleges /universities at reasonable cost, easier pace than while concentrating on your major subjects in subsequent years.

My personal use was to take a 10 credit hour physics course away from campus where I knew I would have trouble with that prof, and later to take courses to fill in for specific job activities.


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a million. community college is open to easily approximately each and every guy or woman who desires to flow, your grades don’t be counted. 2. community college is plenty extra much cheap than college. 3. community college usually grants extra smart/suitable classes, no longer purely tutorial ones. 4. community college grants a lot of exciting classes, no longer purely tutorial ones that are needed for a level. 5. community college caters for a much broader aim marketplace so type subjects and circumstances are frequently extra versatile and multiple.