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Which is better if I’m a college-bound student?

Please help, I am really struggling with what to do! I am a good student, I have a 3.8 gpa, am ranked 70 out of over 600, have done a consistant amount of extra curriculars and community service, am hoping to get a 30 on my ACT, and take almost all honors classes.

Right now, I am a junior in high school and am taking Honors PreCalculus, Honors Chemistry, and AP European History – plus 4 other classes everyday. This has become a very big work load, and I’m starting to feel like I need to drop one of them.

I want to drop AP Euro, but will that help or hurt in the long run? What looks better – having a better class rank and GPA and taking a main stream history class or killing both of those and having the AP on my transcript? I really want to go to the U of M or Madison…

Then, will it help prepare me for college if I stick with it? I find the AP way of learning very difficult right now…

Please help, I need guidance! What should I do? To drop or not to drop…

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My advice is to follow your instincts and drop AP Euro History.

If you’re doing lots of extracurricular activities and community service *and* have a stellar GPA, I seriously doubt if any college or university will hold it against you if you don’t have an AP History class on your transcript.

Besides, you mention you’re taking PreCalc and Honors Chemistry – both of which are VERY tough courses. Those classes alone will speak highly of your intellect.

Also, if you don’t mind doing a little extra work on this, I would suggest you call the admissions departments of the various schools you’re considering applying to, and ask them what they rank highest in consideration. I’ve heard that extracurriculars and community service work count for a lot in college admissions these days.

May you have the very best of luck with your school work and college applications!! 🙂


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i don’t know if you could still do it this late in the year, but look into taking ap euro as a ‘pass/no credit’ course. you can take the class, keep it on your transcript and get school credit for it without having to worry about it messing up your gpa. if you end up doing well in the class, however, it wont help your gpa either.

or even if you decide to go with a regular history class, if you take it pass/no credit, it wont affect your class rank, only your other classes will.