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What kind of Extracurricular activities can i do to be accepted to dartmouth?

live in jersey city,nj my father makes less than 35,000

can i get into dartmouth university? or how can i improve?

i have a 3.4 gpa unweighted so far from freshman and sophmore(honors math)

this year( junior)-honors english and ap histroy and skiped pre-cal

by next year 3p (math, history, english) reaching for 4.0 gpa

my electives are independent studies, and web design.

sports -varsity girl soccer, trying for softball

also in model un for 3 years and in school newspaper.

next year my elective will be psycology,economics,criminal justice

i am planning to go to university of michigan lead program this summer. hopefully.

i am in red cross and doing my community service there

community service- 100 hours when graduate

2years spanish,3years science(physics,honors chemistry,and biology) want to take anatomy next year.

i want a person who went to to dartmouth to give me an idea of how i can get in. Is there anyone out there who has been accepted

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Any kind of politically liberal or charity type activity will be favorable.

If you are not the leader type increase the number of activities that you can meaningfully participate in. “Meaningfully” is key. If you’ve got 17 different clubs and activities your participation is probably shallow.

Working on something to do with illegal aliens? Something other than shipping them back where they came from? Definitely a winner.


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You’ve got a generally good CV. The GPA is a bit on the low side, so make sure you rock the SAT so that they know you’re a strong contender academically. Anything to do with native american issues plays well at Dartmouth (lots of residual guilt there). The UofM program will help. When you interview know WHY you want to go to Dartmouth, and why you feel you will bring something that will benefit the community. Lots of candidates don’t really know why they would be a good “fit”; knowing this and articulating it well will help you to stand out in a thick stack of apps.

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Do something you care about, and that if they ask you about, you will be able to talk/write about passionately. There’s nothing that looks worse than an application form where you can see that someone has got involved with team sports, good causes etc. solely to make themself look good.

You say you’re doing web design – maybe you could offer to set up a website for a group you are involved with for community service? Something that would make a difference to them, rather than just be a set number of hours for you? To be honest, if I saw a form that said “100 hours community service” I’d see you as a hoop-jumper doing it to make yourself look good. I’d much rather see a form that said you ran the website for the Little Wallop Carrot Appreciation Society. You need to stand out, not just have more of the same.


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