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Samuel L. Jackson

what does it mean to have a husky vioce?

plz describe

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its kinda manly, so yes its a bit of an insult but if you smoke or anything your voice goes kinda husky too.

in singing its not That bad to have a husky voice, it depends on how the person said it, they might not have meant it as an insult


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What Does Husky Voice Mean

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It is sort of deep . I heard someone describe Demi Moore as having a husky voice and I like her voice so I wouldn’t take it as an insult < I'd say "thank you".

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The One and Only
When ppl say I have a husky voice, they mean deep and strong.

If you’re a girl, its sorta insulting

If you’re a guy, its fine

Since ur avatar is a girl, an insult.

Sorry 🙁