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i need help with my government homework PLEASE… i’m begging you!!?


so this is my final extra credit for government, my passing this class that i NEED to graduate, rests on my grade on the final, and this very much needed extra credit.

so here, goes, any help at all is appricated.

this is listed as… Article,,, section… clause

A1. S.9 C.1

.Why would mantees care about this?

A1. S9. C2.

why would john wayne gacy care?

A1. S3. C1

what does john brown have to do with it?

why is is difficult to be convicted?

A4. S1.

does it work with divorces?

A4. S2. C1.

.the state can discriminate..sorta

A6. S2.

oil tanker on fire?


sorry if this is confusing..but

this is exactly how the assignment was given to me, minus a lot of questions that i was able to find the answer to.

but… i cannot find the answers to these.

ANY help is great!


~ Jeni

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You probably should have specified the constitution in your question.

1. They wouldn’t. It makes no sense

2. Look at Habeas Corpus.

3. John Brown would not care about the senate. Clause one has nothing to do with the second part.

4. You need to understand Full Faith and Credit

5. What? No sense again

6. NOthing to do with an oil tanker.

I think you left out too much .. but it is YOUR homework, so I have you enough help anyway.


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Alan W
You need to provide the articles to be able to find the answers.