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How tough is it to get into NYU? (New York University)?

I would absolutely LOVE to go there! I need to know exactly how hard it is to get into. I have a 2010 on SAT’s and a 3.9 GPA, and have taken 2 SAT II’s in Chinese and Biology, and I plan to become a doctor of some sort. I am also in a lot of clubs and volunteer and etc. Thanks =)

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Well I think you will be fine. However you never really know until you apply and do the interview. Even if you don’t get in it probably has less to do with your qualifications and more to do with there annual requirements.

You were not really specific on the doctor thing, but if you want to be an MD then you may want to look into a better pre-med program. This will make it easier to get into med school. If you want to stay in the New England area then I suggest Columbia, University of Rochester, UPenn or maybe Hopkins.

Do you have a reason why you want to go to NYU so much? Do you have second choices? NYU is a great arts school and they have good grad programs.

No you should not send letters of recommendation until after you apply. Applications dept. does not open a file on you until after you apply. If they don’t have an active application for you they will file it in the trash.


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You have no chance whatsoever unless you do a Math SAT II. Especially if you’re applying to Stern. It’s one of the main things they look at. You’d be an astounding candidate if you did one. My advice to you would be to apply to a college that DOESN’T require a Math SAT II and then transfer to NYU later on.