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How do I write my THANK YOU LETTER, after my college admissions interview?

My interview with the college was on Friday, and I am planning on sending out my thank you note tomorrow. I have a nice 99 cent Hallmark Thank you card, and I have no idea what to put in it.

I am applying as a freshman and I’m 17, the man who interviewed me was so nice and welcoming, he told me some information about the school and it lasted about 30 minutes. I did not ask many questions only 3, but he was very helpful.

I really LOVE the school its my #1 choice, so please help me as the what to include. I want to of course thank him, but also stick in how I love the school and all that, I’m 17 so it has to sound like a teen wrote it but still mature, and yea………….

SO HELP please?????????

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I think you can probably keep it short and sweet. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the gesture–just make sure you use proper grammar!

Here’s a sample–you can adjust it as necessary of course!

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me to discuss Dream School. I learned a great deal about the school, and I believe that it is a great fit for me. I especially love the school’s (strong English Department? commitment to social justice? Theater group? whatever fits). Dream School has always been my number one choice, and our conversation confirmed that for me. Thank you again for all of your help!




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i’m puzzled – what did you will desire to write back to them approximately? i’ve got utilized for maths too and that i purely have been given an invite letter final friday. it in basic terms suggested i mandatory to touch them if i had any nutritional standards or if i hadn’t signed up for lodging for the duration of interviews yet. do no longer panic – you are able to purely ring them to ask in case you do no longer understand. purely be well mannered and all and that i’m confident that they had be chuffed to describe.