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Federal Student Aid?

Is it true that if you have a full time job you would not qualify for Federal Student Aid? Or if you are getting Federal Student Aid and you get a full time job the next year that you apply for it again they would not give you any money?

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Anyone can qualify for federal aid in the form of Stafford Loans regardless of income (full time employment or other) and as long as you aren’t defaulted on past student loans. Yes, some people might qualify for one kind of financial aid (like grants) one year, and another kind or a different combination (like loans and a smaller grant) the next year if there was a significant change in income or other info used to calculate eligibility. The amount of “aid” may not change much, just the “TYPE” of aid you receive. again, anyone can qualify for federal Stafford “aid”.

The government not only looks at income, they also look at other factors like number of dependents and such. An individual with a family of 4 earning 40,000 would get a different financial aid package (with more grant money, and less loans) than family of 1 earning an income of 40,000.

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