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ERASMUS program?

I’m tihnking about joining the erasmus program and go to england, france or another european country to follow classes for a few months. but i know very little things about it. can anyone give me info or websites? i’ve tried some websites, but they weren’t enlightening. is there someone here who has personal experience of this? plz email me or tell me what the program is about, about the classes and examinations, the accomondation etc…

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ERASMUS is an exchange program to allow students in one European country to study at another for part of their degree. I don’t think you can use it to go to a European university from outside Europe.

Classes, examinations etc. – you do the exact same as the students at the university you are visiting do, in their language. Similarly with the accommodation – just standard student halls. I suspect you can’t find lots of info about it because it isn’t a course itself, it just gives you access to the courses in another university.