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Can the ged be esier if i said i was in special ed?

Can the ged be easier if i said i was in special ed? and i was

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No. If you did have doctors statements as to your specific disability, you could receive certain supports like more time, the test split up with a large break between sections, or an assistant to help you read. But it’s the same test either way.

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Take a look at your last IEP and see if it has testing accommodations written into it. Also, if your have a copy of your psychological assessment that shows learning disabilities, this can help.

See if one of the testing centers is at a community college. Take the information to an adviser and see if you can get some accommodations for the test.

You have to prove you have a learning disability. If you don’t have your records, check with the school district you attended. They have to keep them for quite a long time. They can get this for you.

They cannot change the content of the test, but you could get more time to complete it etc. If your skills are low, look for some adult education classes in your area. Also go to the community college and ask for advisement. They may be able to help guide you to what you need.