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What is the answer to this riddle?

The Lenny Archivist, always keeping an eye open for new job opportunities, decided to pay a visit to the Brightvale Institute of Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Economics. Unfortunately, he showed up unannounced, and without an appointment, so the dean didn’t have time to meet with him.

“Let me see if I have any free time,” the dean said as he looked through the calendar. “But first, let me give you a little puzzle.”

Then he wrote the following numbers on a piece of paper:

03 – 04 – 11 – 04 – 02 – 06 – 10 – 08

“Now, this code forms a word that would be part of your new job responsibilities. I don’t think I could hire you unless you could solve it.”

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The Real Dangerous Dave

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The answer to this is the word Research

You have to know the months of Neopets, then take the first letters of each month that corresponds to the number.

03- Running

04- Eating

11- Storing

04- Eating

02- Awakening

06- Relaxing

10- Collecting

08- Hiding


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