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What does this quote mean?

“Logic is invincible because in order to combat logic it is necessary to use logic.”

What does this mean? I can’t figure it out!

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you need to be logical to figure out something else thats logic.

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Maybe I am trying to make it too simple, but isn’t it saying that if you use logic to combat logic, that logic is going to win?

The only problem appears to be that sometimes, some logic is MORE logical that other logic. Now that hardly seems logical, does it? Is logic an absolute? If so, then either both combatants win, or neither does. If not, then how is it determined which logic is more logical?

Do you know what I think? I think that somebody is just trying to mess with your mind. I mean, do we even know where this quote is from, and in which context it was used? If I were you, I would do a bit of investigating regarding these questions before investing any more time in trying to determine what such a non-sensical “quote” means.

I googled this quote, and learned that it was from a mathematician from the 18th century who only lived to be 42 years old. He was an advocate of the “Plationic Realm”. This is what they believed:

“Many scientists hold to the platonic view and believe that

equations are the reality… what we observe is simply

shadows. These scientists believe in a platonic realm that

governs the world we perceive. ”

Yeah, right.


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The statement itself is not logical so don’t get too worked up about it.

First of all, “invincible” is an absolute word, so logic fails right there. If you are going to say the only way to bury a pile of dirt is to dig a deeper hole, then you won’t get anywhere.

Just because something is logical doesn’t mean it is correct or even makes sense.

(All men are mortal. Socrates was a man. Therefore all men are Socrates.)


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its talking about how we can’t use logic without logic therefore making it a continuos cycle unable to be broken or destroyed – invincible.

it is unable to be itself without itself because if there was only one single grain of logic in one person among billions it would not survive as there is no other logic to combat this logic.

confusing ain’t it, tell your teacher or whoever gave you this question that for you using that logic against this logical quote is impossible as your using logic to destroy something else logical that is invincible as this quote says

sorry about this answer, its something we as humans can only get the gist of not understand.


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The old man
this has to be a girl/lady asking .. no man would dare ..

it means that truth is the only argument against truth .. that you can only fight facts with facts .. that you can never win an argument with a female

two rules in life

that mom is always right

when mom is wrong .. refer to rule one