A few days ago
Rhonda S

What do think about the Detroit public schools closing there doors all of 32 have been shut down.?

This past summer the system has shut the education process to its knee, my son who is in the six grade occupy a class room with over forty-six plus students. They bus students all over the Detroit area we need help we must write and talk to somebody Before we be MIA

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A few days ago
Kelly C

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I personally think it is ridiculous, and the State of Michigan needs to take over DPS. Well, not that the state is making better decisions for the kids. It is a grave disservice for the kids, how can they possibly learn anything or have their questions answered when the teacher has 46 other students to worry about. And how can the teacher correct tests and papers properly, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything 47 times. And the city complains that there isn’t enough money. Did they every stop to think that they can’t get money from income taxes because the kids are so poorly educated that they can’t get any better paying jobs? They have to invest money, but then that would mean that the administrators would have to stop stealing it first.

Sorry your son has to deal with that insanity! If it was me, I would either pull him and homeschool him, or if possible, move to another district! Good Luck!