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what are five qualtites that a leader should have?

what are five qualtites that a leader should have?

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Studies of leadership have suggested qualities that people often associate with leadership. They include:

Guiding others through modeling (in the sense of providing a role model) and through willingness to serve others first (compare followership)

LD Cozzolino and technical/specific skill at some task at hand

Initiative and entrepreneurial drive

Charismatic inspiration – attractiveness to others and the ability to leverage this esteem to motivate others

Preoccupation with a role – a dedication that consumes much of leaders’ life – service to a cause

A clear sense of purpose (or mission) – clear goals – focus – commitment

Results-orientation – directing every action towards a mission – prioritizing activities to spend time where results most accrue

Cooperation-work well with others

Optimism – very few pessimists become leaders

Rejection of determinism – belief in one’s ability to “make a difference”

Ability to encourage and nurture those that report to them – delegate in such a way as people will grow

Role models – leaders may adopt a persona that encapsulates their mission and lead by example

Self-knowledge (in non-bureaucratic structures)

Self-awareness – the ability to “lead” (as it were) one’s own self prior to leading other selves similarly

With regards to people and to projects, the ability to choose winners – recognizing that, unlike with skills, one cannot (in general) teach attitude. Note that “picking winners” (“choosing winners”) carries implications of gamblers’ luck as well as of the capacity to take risks, but “true” leaders, like gamblers but unlike “false” leaders, base their decisions on realistic insight (and usually on many other factors partially derived from “real” wisdom).

Understanding what others say, rather than listening to how they say things – this could partly sum this quality up as “walking in someone else’s shoes” (to use a common cliché).


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four feet six
Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” http://www.heartquotes.net/Leadership.html


This is a deal breaker if you don’t have it completely.

A deep understanding of the business: ”

You can’t fake it. People will know.” While you don’t need to know every detail, you do have to have a good grasp of the business.


While keeping things fresh is important, leaders cannot change direction frequently. They will lose people’s confidence.

Willingness to admit a mistake:

Everyone makes mistakes. If you’re not making any, you’re not doing your job right. But Brennan emphasized the importance of admitting your missteps — otherwise people will not respect you.

The ability to listen:

Good leaders must be willing to handle opinions contrary to their own and absorb as much as they can.


While you should listen to others’ opinions, the final decision is yours to make. Brennan said when CEOs fail, very often it’s because they are not decisive. Average tenure for a CEO has fallen from more than a decade to three years because people lose confidence in leaders whose indecision results in failure.


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A leader is someone who leads a group of people. The objectives of different leaders can vastly differentiate. Take for example, Adolf Hitler and Martin Luther King. Though they had completely different goals, they were both leaders. Though many different traits would aid in the success of a leader, the most important trait that a leader “should” possess is persuasiveness. It the ability to be convincing that will enable any leader to accomplish his goal of leading a group of people to do what he or she believes in.

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Here is a link to an article on Wikipedia regarding this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leadership#Suggested_qualities_of_leadership

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Good listener.

Prepared to speak up.


Views people equally.

Shows interest in others’ ideas.