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The Reign of Terror?

I still don’t understand what the reign of terror is

All i know is 300,000 were arrested and 17,000 were executed

Can you help me understand better?

Thanks :]

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The RoT was a period of time in France when a man by the name of Robespierre came to power through the 3rd estate.

He killed anyone that went against the revolution.


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The reign of terror was the result of the French revolution. After the French revolution there was the Jacobins and Girondins. The Jacobins wanted fast change to the French government from a monarchy to a republic. The common people supported the Jacobins because they wanted change. On the other hand the Girondins didn’t want to change the government that much and wanted a constitutional monarchy as King Louis as King still. The people disliked the Girondins because they disliked the king.

Then on June 2, 1793 a mob killed a group of Girondins ending there political influence. This let only the Jacobins in power. This was a step forward to the reign of terror.

Then in Late June, 1793, The National Convention’s Committee of public Safety was formed and Maximilien Robespierre was a Jacobin and a supporter of the Reign of terror.

The Jacobins consisted of people from the old third Estate(Poor) and they Wanted revenge against the old Second Estate(rich) and First Estate(Clergy/rich). The Jacobins was also afriad of rebelion and foreign war. There solution was the reign of terror. They would inprison/execute if they spoke, wrote or plotted agianst teh new French government. As a result meny people were killed for no reason.

Then , in 1794 the reign of terror ended when people realized that executions was not needed to preserve the French government and Robespierre was the last to be guillotined


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Its a part of the French Revolution where many were executed by guillotine because they were deemed by a group in the French Government called the Committee of Public Safety whos leader was Maximillian Robespierre….The people executed were deemed traitors to revolutionary ideas when really they were detained for silly reasons such as one man was executed for chopping down a tree..The people detained went to a revolutionary tribunal which is like a trial but the Committee ruled that the defendant doesn’t need lawyers or witnesses…90% of people who went to these tribunal were convicted…Hope I helped

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i had to learn this this year ad trust me its sosos boring, but it has something to do with the guillotine, and the french revolution i think ( :