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Question about the Res Gestae of Augustus Caesar?

I’m working on a history project about the Res Gestae, and one of the questions asks for any contemporary documents that could be compared to the document I’m studying. As ancient history is *not* my forte, I’m at a loss even as to where to start. For some reason the only thing I’m coming up with that’s even remotely similar is Hammurabi’s Code, but that’s definitely not contemporary however you look at it.


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I believe that if you read it, you will find it reads like a resume’, but on a much larger scale. Read the document in the link, and look at a resume, and see how they compare. Note the time-referenced, “I did ________ ” statements, which are very much a part of a resume, they’re bullet-statements. The whole document is a brief autobiography, and would serve as an outline for a more fleshed-out version thereof, or for a biography written on him by another. This is NOT a code of law, which is what the code of Hamaurabi is. I hope that helps.