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Proper way of quoting in an essay?

Hey all

I’m writing an essay for my college paper and I’m quoting a long paragraph from a book. I must have fallen asleep in the lecture about quoting 🙂

I remember the basics, such as if it’s longer than three lines you are quoting, you should put it in a new section.

However, I am quoting basically a whole paragraph, yet there are some things that I can omit. I’ll write an example:

The dog was brown. His name was Fred. He had a long tail.

Let’s say in my quotation I want to remove the ‘His name was Fred’ part. How would I go about doing it?:

“The dog was brown…He had a long tail” (Author, 52)

Is the above correct? Thanks!

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According to mla format you include a space between each period. “The dog was brown . . . He had a long tail” (Author, 52).

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Lady Godiva
“The dog was brown with a long tail.”