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parallelism means???

similarity of strucrute in a pair or series of related word,phrases, or clauses

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Parallelism is a balance of two or more similar words, phrases, or clauses. The application of parallelism in sentence construction improves writing style and readability. Parallelism may also be known as parallel structure or parallel construction. See also parallelism (rhetoric). So you answer you’re own question pal. Aloha.

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Since parallelism is a mark of good writing style, aiding in constructing complex sentences and understanding them, English sentences can become confusing when we think we are seeing parallelism, but the writer or speaker intended something different — he or she has fooled us.

Here is a sentence with what appears to be parallelism of two complete phrases:

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

Someone learning English may try to make sense of this on the assumption that these phrases are parallel in construction — similar in meaning.

If that were really true, it could help the student learn new verbs or nouns.

Unfortunately, the verbs are not the same in the two phrases, and the subjects are not either!


/ subject (noun or noun phrase)

// action (verb or verb phrase)

/// object :


/ time

// flies like an arrow


/ fruit flies

// like

/// a banana


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something equal to the same.