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Opinions of Baylor Law School?

What is the overall reputation of Baylor Law School? I know it is not a top school, such as U of Texas, but is it generally well-respected? Has anyone actually attended school there? Also, do I have a good chance of acceptance with a 160 LSAT and 3.85 GPA? (Serious answers only please)


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First off, with a 160/3.85 you are almost a lock for acceptance. I would honestly be shocked if you didn’t get in.

As for Baylor’s reputation, that depends on your perspective I guess. In Texas, it has a pretty good reputation. The top TX firms will hire from there, but you will need to be top 10 or 20%. Smaller firms will go deeper in the class. My understanding is that graduates in the bottom third or so of the class can have trouble finding jobs worth taking.

If you want to work outside of Texas, Baylor’s reputation will be substantially weaker (which I’m sure you realize).