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ME? Law School?

What are my chances on getting into a law school…?

I am a senior at a Top 30 (US News & Report) University, with about a 3.10 GPA right now, but hoping to use this last year to make it a 3.25-3.30, perhaps, — wishful thinking, I suppose.

Tons and tons and tons of activities. Fluent in two languages (native Dutch and also Spanish). Haven’t taken the LSAT, but my advisor told me that they “predict” from a 1420 (old SAT) I could score competitively.

My dream is to go to Columbia, obviously that’s out the door… funny how undergrad and having a double major and a minor can do to you (economics, Hispanic studies, psychology, respectively). Anyway, I am really hoping now for Wash U, Tulane, or U Miami.

What do you guys think?

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I think that it’s possible depending on your LSAT score.

Unlike your advisor, I wouldn’t predict an LSAT score based on an SAT score. There are LSAT practice tests you can take online that will give you a rough idea of what you might score and what your current weaknesses are.