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I want to do really well next semester!?

This semester i dropped down to a 3.6 and i want to get a 4.0 in all of the classes i’m pretty close to a’s in. how do i do extremely well in school so i don’t ever have to worry about my grades again?

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Basically I know it sounds nerdy and all that but hey! if it gets you into a good college then why not do it:

3 Points:

1. Become friends with all your teachers more specifiacly the subjects you arnt doing aswell in ask them questions.

– If the questions arnt about class work but are about assignments or just something that intrests you in the subject ask after class.

– In class ask questions about what your doing It is better to ask more questions and get better grades than to quieten down in case people think your dumb.

2. start to study before the semester restarts.

– get a study plan set out before you start school again. Your optimum attention span is your age plus 15 minutes (for people up to the age of 30 then its just 45 mins) so set these study periods five minutes more than your attention span and wrap up in the last five minutes then take a five minute break between study periods (go outside play with your dog, go to the bathroom, get a glass of water)

– Study every night. even if on week days you only study for 45 minutes its is always better than nothing and it will help your memory.


3. Never dumb yourself down to impress a prospective love interest. I did it i got dropped a class in maths my best subject.

Pointlets (little points)

– Turn off distractions while study (pen and paper is the best method only turn on computer if you need it)

– Don’t play familiar music if you need any music play relaxing classical music you are unfamiliar too to provent distraction.

– Give yourself rewards (i.e. computer game time, chocolate, if your female; (if you have the cash))

– Don’t be disheartened by a bad mark just try harder

– Read the chapters of work before you cover them this is great practice for now and when you are in college when they almost expect it.

hope I have helped



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Jeanne B
Don’t “worry” about your grades. Get the most you can out of your education, the grades will follow. I highly recommend you buy a copy of “Becoming A Master Student.” It has career exploration, study skills, and personal development. I read and re-read my copy. Look for it on online booksellers and college bookstores. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make in your education.

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Study smart… Get ready 4 your next semester.