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i’m going to be a senior at high school?

is it wise to take PE, or weight training?

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It depends if you are required to have a year of PE credit.

For my high school, an extra year of PE is required so I am taking it this year to get it over with (I’m a junior).

If you don’t have to take a PE, then I recommend that you don’t.

Anyways, colleges won’t really take a look at your second semester of your senior year.


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It depends on your school I guess. At my school, we are required to take one or the other, but senior PE is kind of a joke and you don’t really do much. Pretty much everyone takes it unless they are in a sport. The people on sports teams usually take weight training instead, but some of them also just take PE for fun. Ask your classmates what they know about the two classes. Probably some of them have had older siblings or older friends reccomend which to take and can give you some advice.