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does this sentence make sense?

1..)Nevertheless, as an avid teenage reader, one could create a speical bond within the story by being vicariously connected to Holden’s perplexing adolescence.

2.) The derivation of the word “phony” was mention in the beginning of the setting as Holden was dropping out from his elite prep school.

3.) Regarding the strict teachers at Pency prep, the high-class society, and being away from home, as a reader we could sense the stressful and lonesome setiment surrounding the school atmosphere.

4.) due to preventing any troubles from his parents, he spends his days wandering around New York City.

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Michael B

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Sentence 1 sounds forced. I’m still considering a teenager being vicariously connected to another teenager’s adolescence.

Why not: “Many teenage readers will feel a special bond with the problems that the teenage Holden Caulfied suffers.” As other answer suggests – keep it simple and aim for clarity.

2) I’m not sure this one makes sense to me. Maybe it’s part of a larger paragraph and would make sense in that context. You mention the derivation but fail to clarify what that is. That’s what’s missing.

3) sure. makes sense.

4) as Holden doesn’t want to confront his parents, he spends…. this sentence needs work.

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3 and 4 are a little sketchy. There are unnecessary words in both of them. Good sentences, my english teacher always used to say, dont have to be long.