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Which is the best school for a 14yrs old boy in New York City and what grade he will be put into, average work

My son will be migrating to the Us this summer , so I am trying to find out about the school.

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USually a 14 year old is put into the 9th grade which is the Freshman, first year of High School. Unless, he’s been left back or is way behind in his work ability then he can be placed in a Middle School in either the grade 8 or 7, but not any lower than either of those two.

New York City has 5 boros, so I’m not sure if you’re meaning the boro of Manhattan or any one of the other 4 boros. If he wants to specialize in any one or two subject areas, then if I was you and him, I’d do research on the computer and google search for High Schools in N.Y.C. and find out which of them offer what he’s looking to study and learn about. (I recommend that you do a computer search on High Schools no matter what you’re looking for and then you’ll have a whole bunch of choices to pick from.)

You said something to do with average work, except I didn’t fully understand what you meant by that term in this instance.

Are you referring to him getting average work or him needing average work? Anyway, make sure that if he’s on an average level within his grade’s work, then the teachers and guidance counselors understand this and abide by it. If he only has average or below average capabilities then as his parent, I wouldn’t worry so much about him getting into a specialized school. Your focus point should rather be on his improving within his goals he most likely will accomplish within the school year 2007-2008. A lot of times a student who is “average” can be avg. in one or two subjects and above average in all other areas.

As the incoming school that will be accepting your son’s application for enrollment, they will have to know his past educational background as well as what country he’s migrating from and his primary language. If he is already fluent in English then that is really great, he’ll be 2 steps ahead of other immiigrants with that knowledge alone.

I’d appreciate it if you would e-mail me with some more questions regarding your son’s school.


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It really depends on what part of the city you’re in and how much you’re willing to pay for high school.

Research online–and not Yahoo! answers–look at school websites, tuition prices, and unless it’s necessary cost-wise don’t try the public schools (they suck).