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Where can you take free online ar test??

My sister is wanting to practice taking an Ar test is there any online website???

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A few days ago

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you can’t find any ar tests only unless the teacher gives an exact web adress at lest that is what my teacher siad

hope it helps


5 years ago
I haven’t found the actual tests online. What I did was a search with the title of the book in ” “s, then added the words test, quiz, Comprehension test…. something like that. I have found questions that you could ask your child to make sure they are ready for the test. What AR is really testing is comprehension. So if they can answer other questions about the book then they are probably ready for the test and know the story well. I know that AR stuff is frustrating. I remember when I was young, we got to just choose a book that we liked and wanted to read. Now with AR, they have to choose a book from a list and try to find one at the library, that the library own that is in and in their grade level. It is really frustrating. What do they want to do, make our kids hate reading?!?