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Where can I have stimulating intellectual discussions?

I am a Junior in high school, and am interested in Philosophy, but I don’t get to talk about it at all because almost no other students care and it is not taught by the school? Any ideas?

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Innovater Jill

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I am a Junior too. I love philosophy and hard core science. Like you, I can’t find anyone else interested in philosophy either.

There are some ideas (below).

*Join internet forums of the subjects your interested in. Some suggestions are:



*See if there is a club at your school. This is a long shot, but it will be ultimately rewarding if you do find one. Better yet, you can make your own if you have the time and devotion. You can make it a science, speech, debate, and philosophy club all in one to attract more people.

*Do you have a teacher or school staff that likes the subject? (ex. talk about science related philosophy with science teacher) Ask them if you can spend some time talking to them about it during lunch and before or after school.

*Read and think more about philosophy yourself. You can check out some books at the library to read. Keep a journal of your opinions and ideas on philosophy. This can satisfy your craving for knowledge and prepare you for a real life conversation when you get a chance.

Most important of all, keep an open mind of your peers. There might be another person like you in the sea of drama who loves philosophy too. Keep talking to your peers!

Hope you find what you are looking for.


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Yes, not many high school students care about philosophy, but many college students and graduates (and even non-academics) do, so you need to get out there and find them. If you’re near a college, go to the Philosophy department, find a friendly professor, and ask if you can sit in on a class, or just start a discussion with him or her. If you do get to sit in on a class, talk to the other students about issues you’re concerned about, ask if they know of any philosophy clubs, etc. Also try meetup.com. And if you’re adventuresome, hang out near philosophy sections in bookstores near you and strike up conversations with people browsing the section.

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You can google forums. I know Gaiaonline.com has an extended discussion forum where they often discuss philosophy. Beware, though, that if your post isn’t intelligent or it’s full of chatspeak, they’ll rip you apart. Generally, though, I find them pleasant and the discussions are certainly stimulating.

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Start taking prep classes at a junior college.

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