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Where can I buy textbooks for 7th grade?

I don’t know what we are learning in 7th grade. But I need to buy textbooks for them soon. Where do you suggest I go? What did you learn in 7th grade? (The basics: Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and English.

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BLT (coolest initials ever)

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I wouldn’t BUY any textbooks until you get an assigned list. If the school wants you to buy text books they will send out a list with the ISBN numbers (that you can use to search them online)…

but most schools don’t require students to but their own books, and students can check them out from the school library…

OR if they’re textbooks you use in class and you want a copy at home you can wait until school starts and then but it online…

Whatever you do DON’T just but a text book for each subject!! there are so many different versions/companies/authors you need to know which one the school wants. Text books (especially new) are exspensive, so don’t go and buy until you know what you need.

oh yeah, you can but text books on ebay… or just google the ISBN, or “text books”, or the book title.

hope this helps! have a good school year!