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When you graduate from college why do people ask your salary and say you have changed?

Anyone else notice this?

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About the salary, you can always respond with “Why do you ask?” (Frankly, it’s none of their business.)

And when they tell you that you have changed, “Thank you. I hope I’ve grown up in the last few years.”


A few days ago
I think its because you spent all that time in college (college cost money) so they ask you what was your salary to see if it was worth it. If your school cost 40K year plus interest and your making 20k a year it doesn’t seem like its worth it. on the other hand if your school cost 20k and your making 33k it is worth it. Also you probably might have change. frats boys, parties things like that. Asking are you more mature after you graduated college than when you entered college.

A few days ago
Merle H
There are very few things in this world that are private. But your salary is one of them. I don’t tell anyone what kind of money I make.

As far as the comment about you changing… it’s probably because you have. 🙂