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What would you do if you found some disturbing stuff claiming your online college was basically a scam ?

I found some terrible stuff posted about Westwood Online College. I have been there three terms which is basically an academic year. I dont know if I should just quit and go to a community college or what. The reason I even considered the school was to save money bc my husband is out to sea a lot and it would be hard to find daycare for 5 children at times to attend a regular campus. I am confused on what to do and I really want to get into the art field.

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No need to panic. First you should learn more about accreditation. Regardless of delivery method (on ground, online, hybrid), a higher ed institution in the US can have 3 institutional accreditation statuses.

1. Regionally accredited – the highest and most useful.

2. Nationally accredited – real, but not as recognized or useful. Yes it is less than regional accreditation, which isn’t intuitive.

3. Unaccredited

You can check here: http://www.chea.org/search/

Depending on which Westwood location you are speaking of it looks like they are nationally accredited. So it is not a scam.

If you think a regionally accredited degree will get you further towards your goals, contact them. Accepting your credits is an institution by institution decision.


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You should have gone to community college in the first place. Westwood or any college that advertises themselves online or on TV are not reputable. You’ll basically be a laughing stock to most reputable employers, because they know that schools like yours are just companies trying to make money and sell a product. Go to community college, some community collleges offer online classes and weekend night classes, especially if you’re in a big city. Los Angeles community college district classes offer these. You don’t need to be in Los Angeles to take courses from them. You just have to come in person and sign up for the online classes that are available(mostly general ed courses and some major courses) and then take them from your home computer. They tranfsfer to all colleges, given that you are taken the right courses for whatever you want to major in or degree you want to get.

I hope you don’t take the fact that you spent a year’s worth of time and money to continue going to westwood. it’s just a flat out bad idea.


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Mr. Fancy Pants
This is what I would do see if your credits transfer if they do you are ok, because it is an accreditable college if not call the feds and sue the bastards, not just for your tution but the time and effort you put into your college. I would ask for a transcript and take it the community college and transfer ASAP. online college are a hit or a miss. 80% of them are good while you get a few who give the idea a bad name.

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Brandon W
Westwood Online College is run by Alta Colleges, Inc…a business. Neither Alta Colleges, Inc. or Westwood College Online are accredited by any agency that is recognized by the US Department of Education.

I would suggest getting an official transcript from them and taking it to a Community College in your area to see what their policy is on transferability of courses.

Be prepared to not get credit for a lot of the courses you have taken already, though…because most accredited colleges do not transfer credits from unaccredited colleges.


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Nothin’ Special
Check them out with the BBB and any accredidation agencies they claim to be covered with.