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what speech ?

I am asked to give a speech on thursday. Tell me a good topic to choose

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Writing a speech is like writing a book. The best speeches, like the best books, are written by someone who is familiar with the topic that they are speaking about. In order to give a good speech you have to decide what you will talk about and organize how you will tell them about it.

What are you passionate about? Do you have a hobby that you could talk to others about? A job that you would love to have (even if you don’t already have it)? Do some research on the topic so you have some more facts. Maybe you already have some research materials on the subject.

Let’s say one of your passions is to ride “dirtbikes” and compete with your bike. Who is your audience? Is it other dirtbikers or a group that knows nothing about the sport of dirtbiking. Obviously, the information that you share will be different for these two groups, right?

Assuming your audience knows nothing about the subject you might introduce the topic with a grabber (an opening sentence that “grabs” your audience) such as: “Imagine looking out across the top of a set of handlebars suspended in midair, the wind blowing past you like a turbo engine going through a wind tunnel, as you look out at the crowd of cheering onlookers and the finish line with no bikers between you and it. It’s the greatest feeling in the world!”

You could use this type of line in either case but you would need to focus the rest of your speech on the particular audience you had in mind. This opener would probably be better for the inexperienced group because you would want them to experience some your excitement. The second group know this feeling (or hope to know it) and you would continue with new information for them.

Think about what you would really like to talk about. Write it out word for word and read it in front of a mirror. Write down the keypoints onto note cards and number them. Practice with someone and have them tell you what they see you doing right, not so well (are you wiggling around a lot, try holding a pencil in your hands they will keep them from moving about too much and will help you focus on your speech), what they liked about your speech and what they want to know more about.

Good luck!


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