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William W

What are those reversible signs with an arrow and a 1 or 2 word phrase for?

Driving around the city, I notice brightly colored signs posted to a signpost with an arrow pointing a direction left or right. For example:



| ———-> |



A bright yellow sign with black letters with the word shinzo, and it’s left/right reversible.

I have an idea of what it may be, but I’d like someone who knows to post the answer so I’d know for sure. Thanks.

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Shinzo, known as Mushrambo (マシュランボー, Mashuranbō?) in Japan, is an anime based on an event where creatures known as Enterrans take over Earth and rename it in their own image: Enterra. Now three Enterrans have to protect the last human in order to restore the human race. The anime focus mainly in their adventures to accomplish this task.