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Transistional Career?

Has grown adult decide to change career path and attend school full-time. What about work full-time and went to school also. If so let me know. I know this can be done. Career plan is the health profession

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Depends on what you want to do in the health profession. If you want to have an income which will allow you to pay rent or mortgage and eat you can try nursing. I would suggest an LPN program on nights or weekends. You can check with vocational schools near you if they have any programs. Also check with your local community colleges. If you work you would need the flexibility of clinicals on weekends or evenings. Yes this can be done, but you have to keep up on studies during any extra time you have even lunches. It will be worthwhile though because you can get your bachelors and masters totally online. If you are going for a medical assistant or anything of that nature it will not pay as well and you may be able to make rent payments but only afford mac n cheese. Research all your options.