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Prom poems…?

Any good, touching poems for prom or saying goodbye will be best answer. Thanks x

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Open your arms to change, but please don’t lose yourself

You are what makes you who you are in sickness and in health

These school years has made you who you are to be

Your character is in charge and will control your destiny

You’ll go someplace you’ve never gone, you’ll make your mark again,

You will reset your standards, and sure will make new friends

As soon as today is yesterday your heart will always give

I hope you won’t regret today, cause your future longs to live

If our paths don’t cross again, I won’t forget this day

some of you will move, but some of you will stay,

some of us have fought and had hearts torn apart

but as from this day you will all stay in my heart

You’ll look upon your life and see familiar grounds

You’ll hear the call of memories and recognize the sound

As you grow older memories may get stronger or disappear

but when youre settled down, you’ll realize you’ve never left here.


5 years ago
Sounds like it’s a very nice and beautiful way to ask her out to prom… Good luck and I’m sure that she will say yes.