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Moving Schools?……:'(?

i hate my school and my life there, everyone hates me after my “friend” spread i was a total ********* after we had a tiny misunderstanding. My schools sunk so low, 8 kids in my year were recently suspended, the days are long and hard (9 hours) and you go through this for a whopping £50 grand!

I only got the money through my grandma dying and we have barely enough money to support ourselves now!

Plus there is a school nearby, a state school, where the exam results are high and my best friend goes there and says the people are a lot more real and its a lot better, also with more gcse options such as pschology and philosophy.

the problem ?

my grandparents are dead set that i go to proper private school and wont here any of it. they think my emotional problems, they say its character building!

How do we handle them when their so demanding

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You sound genuinly set on attending a nearby state school that sounds like one of high quality and one where you already know someone to make the transition easier. It’s financially a better fit, too. You need to have an intelligent, level-headed conversation with them, and tell them exactly what you’ve written here, except without the emotional stuff. Use reasoning and statistics to explain it to them because they seem like people who’d be more responsive to things like, “Hey, we can’t even pay the freaking bills!” than “People are mean there.”

If that fails, just ignore them. At the end of the day, do they really have that much power over your life? Just don’t advertise that you’ve switched. Maybe they won’t notice…