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Massage Therapist – Income?

I plan in Either working at a spa/hotel/cruise or work as a Massage Therapist who gives therapy to people who got hurt in a car accident/wroking or other common injuries. Which one these two do you think would make more money, with the proper suited certicification of course?

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You are almost always better off with private practice. Spas/Hotels/Cruise they take a LARGE percentage of your wages.

Plus with accidents, etc you could get a contract with lawyers or something…

But if you can do it, always go for the private practice.

You could do both at the same time until your private practice picks up.

And then make all your money from private when you are ready.

Good luck!


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Anne D
Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics–I use it all of the time for projects, its got dead useful information on all careers. Wage depends on your location, where I live its an average of $11/hour–a few of my old high school classmates are in the field, which isn’t great, but not horrible.

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