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Im debating to go to university in the states, because i live in canada?

i am applying to harvard and boston university ..can anyone help me with the decision should i get accepted to them or should i just stay in canada for my post secondary studies?

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If you get into Harvard and also a quality Canadian university like McGill, then go to Harvard. Harvard is one of the elite universities in the world, and I’d recommend you attend, if you feel it’s a good fit.

If, however, you’re choosing between McGill and BU – then, it’s more about what sort of experience you want to have in your undergraduate years. I’d call those two schools roughly comparable in terms of academics and reputation, so it’ll be more of a personal preference.

It can be fun to be a foreign student in the US, and Boston is one heck of a wonderful place to be a student. If you haven’t visited those schools, do so. The visit will help you make your decision.

Do know, however, that it will be significantly less expensive for you to attend university in Canada than it will be to do the same, at a comparable school, in the US. Canadian universities are less expensive, full stop. And you’ll get more financial aid in Canada than you will as an international student in the US. Still, don’t let that stop you from applying, because you never know what sort of scholarships and etc. you may end up qualifying for, and you won’t know that until after you apply.


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It’s less important for undergrad than for graduate school. It’s a lot cheaper to stay in Canada, so if finances are a factor, I would say save your pennies for whatever you choose to do later. Focus your efforts on excelling in class, and the most important thing to be concerned with is high quality internship opportunities in your field–those will count much, much more than where your degree is from. However, if you really like Boston and the atmosphere there (go visit!), then it’s more of a quality of experience issue than future opportunities.