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I made a big Mistake?

Im a Freshman in High School and this whole year I have been acting out and I need your help. It started in the beggining of the year when I started to skip like literally weeks of school. Then when I went back to school I took Perscription drugs and passed out and the school went into lockdown and everything and ambulences were called. I got the myself and the school in so much trouble. Then a couple months later me and my friend decided to Trash some girls locker and I got in trouble for that too. Then I kept skipping classes till the end of the year and Im in so much trouble its not even funny.

For the pills/locker trashing I got court for both of those and had to do community service and pay resitution. But I put my mom through so much this year I just wanna get some advice on what I should do. I feel so bad but Its almost to late. My moms about to send me away for good and Emancipate me. Someone please give me advice

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ask to transfer definitely. it will be nearly impossible to change bad habits, if you’re hanging around with people who do those things. peer pressure is the worst in high school.

tell your mom how you feel. tell her you want to be better and tell her how sorry you are. sit down with her and have a nice long chat.

help her do chores around the house and if you can handle it (along with school), get a job to show her you can be responsible. school comes BEFORE the job though.

think positively. it’s never too late to do something meaningful, especially for someone that’s obviously so important to you.


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Straighten up and fly right…okay, that might not help. The high school curriculum is one of the easiest things to pass, basically if you do all the homework you’ll get your grades back on track, but for complete success I think you need to change schools, if anything, just to quiet all the rumors going on about you. I used to be a hellion in high school, the only difference is I never got caught. It may not sound like the best advice because I’m not preaching a complete 360 turn around, but I don’t believe you can change as simply as that. Get your school work in order first but keep exploring what made you act up in the first place, for me it was my parent’s divorce (for someone trying to break the mold I had a pretty common problem). You also need to cut ties with all the people who encouraged or aided in your rash behavior, I know that’s hard to hear, but if they let you do those things in the first place, they weren’t really your friends. Hope it helps.

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Sounds like you have a choice to make really.

1. stay with your close “friends” that are leading you down a destructive path (which you’ve basically said yourself) whilst you’ll have your friends your saying that you’d loose your family.

2. unless your friends are also willing to make a change so that you can make amends with your family, you’d have to let them go. at the end of the day your mother is your true family.

The big problem is that if you stay with your friends they will more than likely continue as they are, and even if you don’t want to they will ask you to do things, or come up with acts like the lockers which will only lead to bad things. Even if you turn round and say no you won’t do it, they will probably try and find a way to bully or manipulate you into doing it.

Personally it sounds like you could really do with a fresh start somewhere, so that the influence of your friends wouldn’t be so much, but it is your choice at the end of the day.

either give up your friends or give up your true family?


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You failed to discuss why you are acting out. Usually it’s due to problems at home. If you have a caseworker sit down and discuss things with them or the school. Really work hard to change especially by finding new friends who will support you. Talk to the school and get yourself some deserved and much needed help. Your too young to go through this alone.

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Wow… Just do what you should have been doing when you started school. Think before you act, leave drugs alone unless you need them for medical uses, go to class, get good grades, and maybe help out a little extra around the house. After you start doing all that only time will help.

Kudos for realizing you made a mistake and wanting to do something about it.

Good luck = ]


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My answer is going to be biased, I’m a mom to three girls myself 15, 17 & 19.

People are going to do what they are going to do, and at your age, there’s not much a parent can do to stop you if you really want to destroy yourself. You are only going to get help if you allow yourself to get help.

You’re scared right now because your mom’s at the point she can’t or doesn’t want to deal with you anymore. Congratulations, takes a lot to get most parents to that point.

My eldest daughter ended up dropping out of school, living with a drug addict, and after moving five times in seven months and accidentally shooting herself in the leg, finally realized that what appeared to be “fun” at first was actually a lifestyle that was unhealthy, and that her “friends” really didn’t care about her. So she came home, cleaned up her act, and just graduated HS with honors.

Only you can fix this with your mom, and you’re going to have to fix yourself first and figure out why you want to be uneducated and potentially in jail instead of just going to school and finding something appropriate to do with your free time.

I read your update. You said “The friends I do bad stuff with are the closest friends I will ever have.”

Trust me, life is all about change… you may feel this way now, but in ten years the chances of you still being friends is quite low. People change, they move, they die…

Have faith in yourself and find healthier relationships. Your friends are causing you grief right now. Scary to tell them you don’t want to be like them, but if you really want to change there really is no other way. It’s like an alcoholic thinking they can still go to the bar and not drink.

You need to commit to better choices and surrounding yourself with people who don’t make good choices is not going to help you.


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Milk Man
The first thing you need to do is go to your mom and tell her

your sorry,and you want to do better. Then you need to talk to your mom and ask her for advice. It`s not going to be easy.

The next hard thing will be to stay away from the friends that

like getting into trouble.You may need to hang out with different people.Stay away from the pills. It`s obvious that they`re not helping you.

It`s not going to be easy but you can do it.

The rewards you will get are worth it and you will learn to

like yourself.


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Gone fishin’
Soundsl like you are on the right track wanting to make amends. Tell your mother you want a second chance and that you regret your behavior. Be good and grow up. Show her the best in you.

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most important thing is you realize it was mistake .now it is very easy just try to help your mind to take decision it is not repeated. when you succeed in doing this and by the passage of time you will get two things one ability to self control second relief from guilt of pass acts. suddenly you will realize you are totally different person

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Library Eyes
ask to transfer to a different high school and repeat the 9th grade…unless you actually passed your classes even with all this drama…just transfer and start over