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White Samurai

How do you feel about America’s public education system?

State specific is ok too.

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EC Expert
While I think there are individual schools or districts that need serious help I think on the whole we do a pretty good job. We educate kids from all walks of life in the same building and make it possible for pretty much all kids who want it to get some kind of post high school education. However, I think the federal government should stop dictating policy and give those decisions back to the states. No Child Left Behind has done more to hurt children than help them. All rising test scores tell you is that teaching to the test has improved. It doesn’t tell you what is being tested. Imaginative and creative thinking is being devalued and the kids at the top are being ignored. The system is unbelievably punitive. I yearn for the day when Republicans and conservatives thought federal aid to education was a Communist plot.

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Mike G
It’s uneven. There are great schools, not so great schools, bad teachers in great schools, good teachers in bad schools, some well-prepared students, some students who enter school with many disadvantages, etc.

On an individual level, most teachers want to do well, but they’re limited by a lack of financial resources and time. This might discourage some teachers enough to make them put in less effort and end up with even less support… a vicious cycle.

The current trend toward standardization (“No Child Left Behind”) is dangerous because it ignores these complexities, treating every school as though it can function by the same rules. This makes the job of teachers and schools more difficult without providing much help or hope of improvement. Simply punishing schools that perform badly isn’t the same thing as “improvement.”

Public education could be more of a priority — there could be more funding (even a slight increase would be noticeable), parents could take more of an active role, and the training and certification of teachers could be more rigorous.


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askawow 47
i dont know about private school but public school is not good

elementary school’s curriculum is not enough

science, music, art, history…..

many other country have lot of curriculum even 1st graders

school time is not enough for 4th graders and up too


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1) It’s not the best

2) Students & parents should be able to grade our teachers

3) The teachers union needs stopped

4) Our teachers should be paid based on performance.

A: Can you imagine what would happen to the corporate world if there weren’t incentives to innovate?