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Brian T

How do I clear my head of something I just rejected?

I’ve been in the process of choosing between high schools, and I finally settled on one, but I still have thoughts of the one I turned down. I wonder what it would be like to go there, etc.

How do I stop thinking of what the other thing might be like, and focus on what I chose??

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A few days ago
Beach Saint

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“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” ~Tom Robbins

I’m sure your decision was well thought out. Now get on with the rest of your life. If you suffer this kind of angst now, what will happen with undergraduate and graduate schools for college? Learn to live with the choices you make and not look back.

Go for a walk and enjoy some fresh air.

Call a friend and go see a movie.

Read a good book.

Go to the beach.



A few days ago
Brenda R
I guess your dilema is somewhat like a marriage.

You marry the one that you chose and believe is the right one. There are others that you didn’t chose but they are still in your mind occasionally. Because you made the choice to marry the man you love, you must stick with him and only allow the others to enter your thoughts on few occasions.

That’s what I think . . . .


A few days ago
keep going over the things that made you reject it…if you are still thinkin about it, then there must be something there that will change your mind…..again go back over what you rejected really really good…..then your prob should change, meaning what you rejected first, may be accepted…….but on your second thought stay with it…..stand your ground