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genius kids?

why would so many kids do bomb threats at school? we have atleast 3 per campus per year here, it is insane. it is always the same way, too. they write it in the graphing calculators as a joke. why would you do the same thing that got your friend expelled???

don’t they realize that the school has to be shut down, co-op (the school lets you work half the day and go to school in the morning) kids have to miss work and lose money and everyone loses out on learning time? it is also not fun to sit in a gym for hours.

i hate losing hours cause some little brat decided to be funny. we can’t leave the gym cause they have to keep us all together till its over. why do they insist on messing up our lives? do they not learn from watching the previous people be punished? is is fun for them?

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Yes, it is fun for them and many do it for revenge for living in a messed up world. Their way of punishing maybe. They have no level of right/wrong. / Perhaps the environment they grew up in or the result of peer influence. All, I suspect, are reasons. How can we completely understand the wrong?

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It’s a weird power trip – brought on by people who feel powerless, which teenagers often do. School and homework is hard, their parents are on their back, their hormones are raging, etc., etc.

When kids can’t control their lives, and it feels out of control, they take steps towards controlling what they can. That’s why eating disorders, gossiping, acting out, rebellion against authority, etc. is so prevalent among teenagers. It’s a shame. Some people think the remedy is giving kids less control – and more discipline, while others think the opposite. It’s hard to say what works and what doesn’t. All I know is that teenagers tend to feel pretty bad about themselves a lot of the time, and if they don’t get the love, support and attention they so desperately need, they act out.


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They want attention and they have very messed up ways of looking at the world. Maybe they view the world too differently and they are confused as to why that is, so when they send the bomb threats maybe theyre trying to see if anybody else is like them, you know see the reactions. I don’t know its just an idea.