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Demonstration speech?

I have to do a 5 minute demonstration speech and I don’t know what to do it on. Any ideas?

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Do it on a daily routine you have to do. Here some suggestions:

How to curl your hair.

How to brush your teeth

How to pick what to wear

How to feed the dog

Is there something you know how to do, that many people in your class don’t?

How to tune a guitar

How to polish shoes

Or you could make it humorous:

How to play a prank on your little brother

How to butter up your Mom so she’ll let you stay out late

And whatever you pick, make sure you spend time on every detail. Like if it’s “how to brush your teeth” Show how to open the cap, how to push from the bottom and roll it up, how to squeeze the paste out in the right amount, how to brush back and forth, in circles, rinsing spitting etc…

If you can get a wig on a headstand and show how to do something with hair, that would be cool.

Or are you artistic? You could show how to draw a horse, or something.

Think about what your good at, and show people how to do that.


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do no longer physique of recommendations it from how others will view or like it, you may’t fairly comprehend that besides. elect something you’re obsessed on or have comprehend-how in and then that’s going to be consumer-friendly. in spite of in case you think of that’s mundane, in case you your self like it then your presentation will in all threat have benefit. (Even demo your Ipod or in spite of you like ultimate).