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A&P2 + Microbiology + Comp2 + Human Growth & Development?

Any advice?

I will have an A(I think) in A&P 1.

This is only 14 hours but I know will require a lot of memorizing.

Our A&P prof is excellent. He is a previos medical school professor and weeds out all the intellectual bolemia information, he also adds in clinical observations.

This is at a community college which I have attended for 1 year. I have to do good on the science courses for entry into the accelerated RN, A’s would be preferred. It is either take all these now and apply for May or wait for 1 year and get all my pre-req’s for BSN also.

Thank you for you advice!

I definately want to ask around about study groups on the 1st day.


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A few days ago

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Wow, that is alot. But you can do it if you don’t have any kids, or a full time job!